Vegan Pizza and Beer Social
4:00 PM16:00

Vegan Pizza and Beer Social

Try Vegan PDX Presents - Saturday Sessions - Vegan Pizza and Beer! Come sample pizza from local restaurants to find your new favorite vegan pizza in Portland! 

Are you new to veganism? Maybe you are vegetarian but haven't yet explored vegan options yet? Have friends that are curious about veganism? Perhaps you are a conflicted omnivore who is curious to try more vegan items to see if you can do it. If so, this might be the perfect event for you! Long time vegans are welcome too!!

Try Vegan PDX wants to show you how tasty vegan pizza can be, while learning about some great restaurants in town. 

Lagunitas is donating vegan beer to the event, and it will be hosted at their space. Businesses around Portland will be donating vegan pizza for you to sample. 

We are asking for a $10 donation to attend this event which will get you two beer tokens and pizza samples from at least 10 different restaurants. 

We'd love to see you there!

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VegQuest 2018: Escape Room!
10:00 AM10:00

VegQuest 2018: Escape Room!

Hey there! VegQuest has been happening for several years in different forms. This year we decided to change things up and partner with an escape room. We will still be tracking the times of each team and the fastest team (who escapes the room the quickest) will receive a prize bag. 

We will be specifically partnering on the Alien Zoo escape room. Here is the basic info on this challenge. "Welcome to your new life as an exhibit in the Alien Zoo! Intelligent lifeforms from all over the universe come to this intergalactic space station to view less evolved creatures in captivity. Your keepers have done their best to recreate a natural human habitat within your enclosure. You will spend the rest of your days here being ogled and teased by alien families as you attempt their insulting “intelligence tests.” The aliens think humans are among the most primitive lifeforms in the zoo. Can you prove them wrong? Other humans have been here for some time. Perhaps if you work together, you can escape the zoo!" 

To register head to the Escapism website and book the hour block of time you want to race on Sunday, July 29th. When asked how you heard about the escape room during registration, be sure to mention VegQuest so we know your team is one to track that day. This room accommodates 8 people so feel free to sign up as a complete team or as part of the 8, and perhaps you will get the chance to meet some new folks. 

Escapism will donate a portion of each ticket to our organization so it is a fundraiser for us as well!

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Join us at Pride!
to Jun 17

Join us at Pride!

Ever wonder why vegans aren’t in the Portland Pride parade? We did too and this year we decided to do something about it! Care to join us?

LGBTQIA Vegans unite and represent Portland, OR in the 2018 Pride Parade!

One of Portland's local animal activists, Mishel Beebe, asked about partnering with us to represent at Pride this year and of course we said yes! So, we are officially in the Parade and will also have a booth over the weekend. We are also partnering with Portland Animal Activism (facebook group) to help spread the word and show up in strong numbers!

We’d love everyone to combine/come together and work as a team to make this a total and super fun success. All local activist groups and individuals who want to be a part of the parade are invited to join us! Bring your signs, and compassionate energy. Costumes are welcome of course too!!) If you are interested in wearing a custom made shirt for this event, you can get one here!

See you at Pride!

Waterfront Festival – June 16-17
Saturday 12-8pm • Sunday – 11:30 to 6pm
Parade Step-off – Sunday, June 17th @ 11am

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Eating for Liberation: Food as a medium for social change
4:45 PM16:45

Eating for Liberation: Food as a medium for social change

Eating for Liberation: Food as a Medium for Social Change

We are witnessing an unprecedented, profound shift around veganism and plant-based diets in our society. We can understand these changes from three frameworks. One framework presents veganism as the morally-superior ethical response to nonhuman animal exploitation (i.e. a reaction to speciesism). This 'single-issue' vision tends to reproduce oppressive dynamics in society around race, gender, and capitalism.

A second framework reduces veganism to a plant-based diet, which becomes then a matter of individual choice and something to be practiced for different reasons (health, ethical, environmental, etc.). This individualistic framing fails to acknowledge veganism as worldview, and threatens to deepen capitalistic power relations (e.g. the impossible burger).

A third framework conceptualizes veganism as a integral part of eating for liberation, a radical lens that responds to the root problem: anthropocentric imperialist white supremacist patriarchal capitalism. Framing veganism in this way can allow us to be more compassionate towards ourselves and others, while cultivating a deeper understanding of how forms are oppression are interconnected. It is quite the mouthful, but worth saying: for as we name the problem, more pathways towards justice, peace, and liberation open in front of us.

Anne DeLessio-Parson is an educator and scholar-activist, whose work focuses on liberatory currents of social change and the revolutionary potential of veganism. She holds a PhD in sociology and demography, and master's degrees in rural sociology and political science. Her studies have involved work in the United States, Latin America, and South India.

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Volunteer at Wildwood Farm Sanctuary!
10:00 AM10:00

Volunteer at Wildwood Farm Sanctuary!

Join the TryVegan PDX committee on a group volunteer outing to Wildwood Farm Sanctuary in Newberg, OR.

Wildwood is hosting an Earth Day celebration on the 22nd and they need our help to get the sanctuary ready for their big event. We will be feeding animals, cleaning barns, helping with farm chores, and, of course, spending plenty of time snuggling with the adorable animal residents.

Plan to arrive at the sanctuary by 10am. We should be done no later than 1pm. Please dress weather appropriately and be prepared to get a little dirty. Any tools needed will be provided by the sanctuary. Carpooling is encouraged. If you are in need of a ride or are able to offer a ride, please sign up on our rideshare spreadsheet at


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Valentine's Bake Sale
1:00 PM13:00

Valentine's Bake Sale

Bake sale for the new Vegan Guide to Portland!

We are almost done with the new edition of the Vegan Guide to Portland and since we have never had a bake sale, know you all love bake sales, and could use some extra $ to pay for the printing of the guides we are going to have a bake sale... and right before Valentine's Day!

We will have tasty treats donated by some local businesses such as Back to Eden, Shoofly Vegan Bakery, and Voodoo Doughnuts! We'll also have treats made by the TVPDX Committee and more.. We plan to have the event go until 4:30 pm or until we sell out. It's gonna be tasty!

If you would like to donate baked goods for the bake sale, please sign up here

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to Dec 17

Dinner and Ugly Holiday Sweater Bar Crawl

2017 SweaterBanner004.png

Join the Try Vegan PDX committee on a holiday bar crawl along the NE Broadway corridor. We'll meet at 7pm at Nicholas Lebanese Restaurant (3223 NE Broadway) to grab a bite and then we'll hit a handful of bars walking west. The map for the event is here

7pm - Nicholas Restaurant
8:30pm - Sullivan's Gulch Bar & Grill
9:30pm - ICONIC
10:30pm - Swift Lounge
11:30pm - Capitol
12:30pm - Black Water Bar

This will also be an outreach event where we will be hanging pro-vegan posters on telephone posts, bulletin boards, and sticking them in newspapers. We will provide all of the material for this part of the event. Now, get going on finding the perfectly hideous outfit for the crawl!

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1:30 PM13:30

Holiday Season Cooking Demo


Join us in learning some recipes perfect for holiday gatherings. Easy, delicious, and best of all cruelty free!

Menu will be: Succotash Gratin, Baked Sweet Potatoes with Maple-Pecan Butter, and dessert will be Vegan Pecan Pie. 

Our presenter is Linda Tyler of Gracious Vegan. Linda is a vegan writer, recipe-curator, and cooking workshop leader. Her website,, is dedicated to sharing plant-based recipes (her own and links to others’), menu ideas, and strategies for sharing vegan food with others. She also writes and edits for the website, which covers nutritional science and research.

We look forward to seeing you on the 18th! :)

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Vegan Prom 2017!
to Oct 14

Vegan Prom 2017!

*Online ticket sales have ended! 20 tickets will be available at the door for $15 a piece. See you soon!*

This is the largest fundraiser for Try Vegan PDX and enables us to do all the things we do in the community, including making and printing the Vegan Guide to Portland. 

Come celebrate the kickoff of VegFest weekend this year with a night of dancing, raffles, food, and fun! Costumes or dress in theme encouraged, but not required. The theme this year is "Haunted Halloween"! 

Prom tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door (if tickets are still available) 

There are alternative opportunities if you are unable to afford a ticket but want to attend. Contact for more information. 

There will be a raffle with the awesome prizes you’ve come to expect from Try Vegan PDX events, and of course an awesome photo opp area! 

Vegan Prom is always a good time!


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Hike with Try Vegan PDX!
9:00 AM09:00

Hike with Try Vegan PDX!

Burnt Lake Trail #772

Forest fires are not new to the Pacific Northwest, and the area around this hike was burned around 1900. The forest around the trail is now home to Douglas-fir, western hemlock, silver fir and vine maple. Forests do regenerate! We'll also see several small creeks and micro-waterfalls as we head up into the Mt Hood Wilderness to a beautiful lake with a great view of Mt Hood reflected in its waters. We'll stop here for lunch before heading back down, so bring some food!

We'll meet at 9am at Gateway Transit Center in the parking garage lower level (east end) and carpool to the hike location.

More info and RSVP on Facebook or Meetup

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1:00 PM13:00

VegQuest 2017

Join your fellow veg-head adventurers in taking on vegan Portland. In this race, teams of 2–4 people will work to get a few lines or a blackout on a BINGO card - going to destinations, and completing challenges, based on what the BINGO squares say. Besides having a great time, you are sure to discover some great new spots in Portland. This year's race will be in the downtown area of Portland. Mark your calendars! Winning teams get prizes!

Costumes encouraged but not required. 
$10 per person in advance, $15 the day of.

What people have said about their VegQuest experience:
"Great clues, great vegan places to visit, fun teammate, delicious pizza at the end :)"

"It was great, I didn't know what to expect, but it exceeded my hopes."

"I enjoyed meeting new people in the Portland vegan community and helping my teammates discover local veggie establishments."

"Well organized. Grateful for the food at the end since there wasn't a minute to stop and eat lunch."

"Though I was not working and don't know how many folks came by, any exposure for non vegans and for my business is a win."

"It was so much fun—great way to spend a day!"

"It was a learning experience for us, as we recently moved to PDX and didn't have bikes yet nor up-to-date phone technology. Nonetheless, we persevered and won a cookbook!"

"I had a great time!!"

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6:30 PM18:30

Join the Try Vegan PDX committee!

We are looking for a few more committee members to join our team, and would love for you to attend our next meeting, check us out, and see if you might be able to fill any of our needs. Here is what we are looking for specifically:

  • Secretary—attend monthly meetings, take notes, assign tasks, and send notes out
  • Mentoring Program—to join and assist Amanda and Enoch
  • Donation Proctoring—with Deanna 
  • Monthly Newsletter—we have a mailchimp account that we use currently

We look forward to seeing you on the 6th! :)

Veggie Grill
508 SW Taylor St, Portland, OR

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